Super 5 Dice

This is Super 5 Dice my version of a Yahtzee clone, the name was originally used by my late father for his Yahtzee clone.

I wanted to write this game specifically so a friend and I could play a real clone not someone else’s idea of how it should be played. Also to get the closest to sitting round a table playing , seeing all the dice throws as they happen.

The game consists of 3 throws of the dice and holding any dice you wish after each throw.

The object is to get the highest score you can.

The upper section is broken down by a specific dice side, i.e. Ones through Sixes, scoring only that dice value in that row.

If you manage to accumulate 63 points or more in the upper section you score a bonus of 35 points, an example of this is 3 of each dice value.

The lower section is made up of mostly Poker type combination, 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind etc, the special is the 5 of a kind, or Super 5 Dice for my version. A second and subsequent Super 5 Dice will score 100 bonus points and give you a wild card for the lower section, i.e. you can score the long straight, short straight, Full House etc.

To start a multiplayer game click on the Multiplayer Game button which will take you into Game Centre, click on the + sign to create a new game, that will add a random player as your opponent, if you want a specific person click on Invite to select one of your friends.

After your opponent has had their turn, that turn will come through to you as a small window with the players name followed by the first 5 dice thrown, then a row of held dice, the third row is the next throw, fourth the held dice and fifth the last throw. Finally the last line is how your opponent scored that throw.

If you are not sure if it's your turn just look at the top for your name, if there is a red bar on your name then it is your turn.

Should you miss the dice information click on the button top right where I display a number, this is the game number I use to store the game history locally.

That window shows the current players game history, if you want to see the other players history, scroll to the bottom and use the page selector to switch to another player. i.e. a row of dots with one of them bold which indicates the current page and player.

The images and movie file are the old version that was on the App Store a few years ago.

The translations were done with Google Translate.

Old Movie File