Super 5 Dice Grid

This is Super 5 Dice Grid.

There is not much to the game and it can be played in less then a minute, but I hope you will want to play over and over, as I find it quite addictive.

Tap the New Game and select a opponent or just go for any player out there.

The top of the Game Screen shows the possible scoring combinations, this is hierarchical, i.e. top down, so if you have a Full House it will score that and not continue looking for score possibilities, it does not pick the highest score, like 3 sixes and 2 fives is a Full House not 3 Of A Kind even though 3 Of A Kind is a higher score.

The center part is the grid and you tap on each dice in turn to select scoring combinations, when you have 5 selected it then scores that set of dice. Each dice you tap on must be adjacent to the previous, i.e. touching or diagonally touching. You can score multiples of the same combination however there MUST be at least one different dice in each combination. Direction and starting point don't count.

Just below the grid will be displayed the scores as they happen, you can scroll through these at any time.

Below that is the total for your turn.

To start, as the first player, tap on Start Turn, this will roll the dice and start your 30 sec count down, off you go be quick and find the highest scoring combinations.

Once you have finished, the dice combination and your score is sent to the other player and they get the same dice to try and beat your score.

Translations have been done in Google Translate.