Super 5 Poker

This is Super 5 Poker.

This Poker card game is a mix of my S5D (Super 5 Dice) and 5 card draw poker.

Like S5D you get 3 draws of cards and the idea is to make scoring combinations of cards and populate the score sheet.

In the multiplayer game the winner is the one with the highest score, in the single player game you can try to beat your own scores or top the Highscore table.

Game Play:

You shuffle the deck of cards and then you deal 5 cards, then you select the cards to discard and deal the replacement cards, you can do this up to 2 times, but of course you can score the hand at any time.

Then either you continue to do this until you have filled all 10 scoring slots, or the turn then passes to the next player in the multiplayer game.

As the turns continue populating the score sheets at some point the cards will be used up and the deck will need shuffling again.

Each player uses the same shared deck of cards, so if you can remember them all you will know what cards are left in the deck and therefore what possibilities are still available. This will obviously get reset when the deck is shuffled. There are 2 other options to help you remember the cards used, you can tap on any score and find out what cards were used in that hand. Also you can try the 'Suggested Play' by swiping over the example cards and tapping on the 'i', this will give you Odds on getting the hand and also which cards to keep and discard, you don't have to follow these suggestions, they are a guide for one type of play.

All played cards and turn information is passed to all players including when the deck is shuffled.

As it is quite difficult to get all the possible Poker scoring combinations you can also score part combinations or partial hands.

e.g. a pair is a partial 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, full house etc.

These partials will only score the face value of the cards that make up the partial, if however you complete the full card combination the face value is then subject to a multiplier, so you get 100's instead of 10's of points.

Get in touch if you have ideas as these might be included as I update in the future.

I believe this is a unique game and as such I am open to suggestions on how it might be tailored?

Translations have been done in Google Translate.

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