Super 5 Collection

This is Super 5 Collection.

So this is the new verson of my old games and can be expanded as I see fit.

In this version is Super 5 Dice, S5D Triple, S5D Grand Slam, S5D Grid, S5 Poker and a Calculator

So why a Calculator? Well I do a lot of work with old engineering drawings and wanted to be able to quickly add fractional measurment up.

As a result this calculator only works with integers are fractional measurements, not decimal, not negatives, and will give approximate answers if the result is not a standard fraction. All results are in fractions no decimal points here.

One problem back in the day was keeping 4 games all at the same code level and massives of duplicate code.

That has all gone now and alloed me to bring all them to the same point easily, can't say quick.

I started the big rewrite in Nov/Dec 2020 and am still sorting bugs and adding new functionality 10 months later.

One new thing that the old ones didn't do was work on the Mac, this new version will work on a Mac and seems to be working ok.

I am adding Mac based things like keyboard and mouse support which is a new area of code I hadn't done before with them being only IOS.

Another thing a Mac can do is have multiple windows so I have taken advantage of that too.

It might seem a bit odd as it is actually an iPad emulation on the Mac, but the windows can be any size which is good.

At this point all I am doing is the solo versions of all the games as I need to get my Apple Developer License again to write all the new multiplayer code and test.

I am hoping I can get a Kick Starter project going to get the license and get a version on the App Store quicker.