Service Details

           How does this work then, well everything is a fixed price and paid in advance, there is only one exception and that is parts, if you have a faulty component then you can supply a replacement or I can source it but again you will have to pay for it in advance.

           Once you have paid for the service you are looking for, I will email you the link to the call system, where you will enter all the details of the problem, any communication can then be arranged through the call system, over the phone, email etc.

           I hope to be able to support most people through Log Me In, now I know the Indian people are pushing this, install an app and they have full control of your machine without you knowing. However my use of it will be by providing you with a link and a key, you enter the key and only then will I be able to access your machine.

           If this is not an option then it will be your responsibility to ship the machine to me where I will do the work needed and then you can collect or arrange return shipment.

           There is also the contract option, this does involve installing the LogMeIn client on your machine so sorting things can be done when you are out etc, helps you and me.