About Me

           I am Paul Tracy, ever since I was 11 I have been playing with computers and electronics, my dad brought home a Commodore Pet (PC’s did not exist then).
           After I thought I broke it I was determined to never feel that way again and set about learning everything about them I could.
           This started with the normal home computers, as a Commodore man I got a VIC20, 64, 128, Amiga 500, 1200, CDTV, before PC’s caught up and I succumbed to the pressure of this horrid box of ****.
           When I left school I studied electronics to BTEC ONC level.
           Also got my grounding in repairing them by working in a computer repair shop in Reading. From that I went to other service companies repairing PC’s, printers, plotters, disk drives, tape readers etc.
           This soon became a road-based role and then into software support a few years later. This support was again around plotters and printers working closely with HP and other printer manufactures. The company was the UK distributor for Aldus Pagemaker, which is now owned by Adobe, part of the role included demos exhibitions etc for Pagemaker. From there I joined P&P as an engineer on the road again.
           That eventually took me to PMH as a support role to the hospital and eventually a management position. Then into contracting for the likes of Abbey National, Lucas Diesel Systems, De La Rue, IBM, Intel, RM. Before returning to permanent roles for Allied Telesyn, Metlife, and my final role with Sungard Public Sector where I was responsible for design and support of the emergency phone system.

           So as you can see I have done lots and am highly skilled and experienced, so why am I doing this now?

           Simple I have had enough of the stress and am looking to do work to help people and provide a long-term support for those who appreciate what I do.

           I already have a few friends where I do this for them and they rate and appreciate the work I do.

           Do not be taken in by a MCP, as they passed at the minimum 1 exam and that could be in Windows 3. On the other side I have 7 Microsoft exam passes in Windows Server 2003 & XP, plus security & Cisco.